Let's Free The Greyhounds In 2020

Posted by James Chandler on

We are not going to stop until we see ALL Greyhounds FREE to be the beloved PETS they were meant to be, and we believe 2020 is the year of the Greyhound!

Greyhounds make the best pets for several reasons, and we have put together a 'Top Five' list below of some of our favourites!

2020 Top Five Reasons Greyhounds Make The BEST PETS:

  1. Greyhounds are super low maintenance: low-shedding and low walk schedule - only required about 20min exercise per day. Compared with other breeds who can require up to two 40min walks per day to burn off their energy! Greyhounds do love short periods of running fast (also known as ‘Zoomies’), but this doesn’t last long, and they are ready for more couch-potato-time quickly. Greyhounds also live long lives (10-13yrs) so you have a companion that will be around to love you for longer!
  2. Great Apartment dogs: they love just lazing around on the couch and sleeping for up to 18hrs a day, so don’t take up much ‘house space’. They are generally quiet so don’t bark and annoy neighbours, and they don’t require a lot of space in the house to run around.
  3. Well-Mannered: They are very well-mannered, so generally get along with other pets (even cats!), and they settle in to new homes quickly.
  4. You are saving a life and/or making it much better: Because non-winning Greyhounds are usually tossed aside (put up for adoption, or even euthanised at the end of their career!), you are giving the gift of love which your new Greyhound will be eternally grateful for and show you MUCH love for!
  5. Great Community Spirit: Greyhound owners are a tight-nit community and often organise walks and love to talk to each other about Greyhounds - it’s like an extended family!

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