Adopt A Greyhound - Greyhounds Make Great Pets!

Greyhounds make GREAT Pets! Please see link for global locations where to adopt in your area:

Here are some great reasons to adopt a Greyhound:

  • Good behavior: They are very calm animals in general, that walk well on a lead and usually get along well with other dogs - and often even cats! 
  • Hygene: Greyhounds don't shed very much, so are very clean dogs.
  • Exercise: Greyhounds don't need a lot of exercise. They really only need two 20min walks per day. People often mistake Greyhounds for needing a lot of exercise because they are used for racing, but their energy comes in short spurts (known commonly as "Zoomies")
  • Great Indoor dog: Greyhounds make very good indoor dogs, and generally like lying around and sleeping when they are not out for their short walks and "Zoomies". They are known as 45mph couch potatoes, because they would rather sleep spread out on your couch than anything else.  They often sleep with their feet up in the air (known as "Roaching" - because they look like a Roach lying on its back!) 
  • Quiet: Greyhounds do not make much noise, so are perfect for apartment living.  Although they do sometimes "Roo" (a little howl), this is often not very loud or long. 

This informative video will help you with some fun facts about Greyhounds!