About Us

Our Mission:

Grey Lives Matter's mission is to save Greyhound lives by promoting Greyhound welfare through Rescue and Adoption efforts globally, and provide Greyhound lovers/owners with specialty high value Greyhound products.

Our Team:

Hi, my name is Jim and I live in Ireland.  I grew up in USA, and moved here in the late 90's. I have a rescue dog named Nala (she is a Ridgeback cross we rescued from the pound, who now stars in many of the product demo videos and photos!). Nala was a stray before she went to the pound and we think she may have been bullied by bigger dogs, so has some fear-based aggression issues - which we are working on... 


Why Greyhounds?:

So WHY did I start Grey Lives Matter when I don't have a Greyhound? Nala and I heard about the cruelty that racing Greyhounds are subjected to, and what amazing pets Greyhounds make. This drove me to want to help by starting Grey Lives Matter as an online retail sales site dedicated to celebrating and protecting Greyhounds through our specialized high-value Greyhound-centric products with 10% of the proceeds going to support organizations that provide rescue/adoption services for Greyhounds. We believe Greyhounds should be Pets Not Bets and we came up with an entire line of designs promoting this phrase to spread the message that Greyhound Racing is cruel and should be ended globally. There are many global movements and campaigns which support this and we are trying to stay on top of these and help wherever we can. 

Grey Lives Matter exists because Greyhounds make great pets!

p.s. I'm still trying to talk Nala into letting us get rescue Greyhound!!

Who Do We Help?:

Although we are based in Ireland, we do our best to promote Greyhound rescue and adoption globally.

Here are some of the groups we help:

Ireland: Greyhound Rescue Association Ireland (https://grai.ie/) : GRAI is a registered charity association of Irish animal rescue organisations and individuals dedicated to promoting greyhounds as pets and acting as advocates for the breed in Ireland. You can find links to 

USA: GREY2K USA Worldwide (https://www.grey2kusa.org) : The largest greyhound protection organization in the world. As a non-profit entity, GREY2KUSA work to pass stronger greyhound protection laws and end the cruelty of dog racing on both national and international levels. GREY2KUSA also promote the rescue and adoption of greyhounds across the globe.

UK: The Greyhound Trust (https://www.greyhoundtrust.org.uk/): The Greyhound Trust was founded in 1975, since then TGT are proud to have found over 100,000 loving homes for greyhounds. Each year, TGT home approximately 4,000 retired racing greyhounds and help hundreds more, but there are many more that still need us.

Australia: Greyhound Rescue (http://greyhoundrescue.com.au/): Greyhound Rescue was set up to find homes for the many greyhounds surplus to requirements of the Racing Industry and launched this website in 2009. In that time GR have found homes for more than 1000 greyhounds which otherwise would not have had a life after finishing their racing career or failing to start one.

Macau: Save The Macau Greyhounds (https://www.facebook.com/savethemacaugreyhounds/): Dedicated to the worldwide campaign to help the animal protection group ANIMA Macau save the 650 greyhounds of Macau and find homes for them.

Thank you for your interest and support!