Doggy Dream Bed - The Best Dog Bed Money Can Buy.

  • $28.95

This Doggy Dream Bed is the best you can give your pooch! 

Total Comfort: Your pup will love you 10x more the minute they jump into this super-soft and comfortable bed. You know your precious hound deserves the best and this bed is so soft and fluffy they will ADORE it!

Durable: Made of high quality long-wearing durable fabric that will last!  Inferior dog beds are made from lower quality material and the cushion wears out causing you to replace more often. Don’t waste money on something that won’t last!

Safe: The Doggy Dream Bed has a waterproof/anti-slip base which makes it safer than other beds without these features - your pup won’t slip jumping into the bed and in case of any will be protected from any spills from a near by water bowl!

Hygienic: Some cheaper lower quality dog beds start to smell after some time and need to be replaced before they wear out costing you MORE money. The Doggy Dream Bed is made with ultra high tech fabric that will breathe and keep smelling fresh.

Perfect Temperature year round: Made to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, the Doggy Dream Bed will provide YEAR ROUND comfort for your beloved pet!

TIP: Experts recommend that you should replace your dog's bed on average about once a year or when the cushion no longer protects your dog from the hard floor. Keep your dog's bed cleaned regularly and stay attentive to signs that your pup is uncomfortable.

Dog Bed Sizes:

S: 45x32x13cm/17"x15"x5"
M: 50x40x14cm/19.6"x15.7"x5.5"
L: 60x50x15cm/23.6"x15.6"x5.9"
XL: 80x60x15cm/31.5"x23.6"x5.9"
XXL: 95x70x16cm/37.4"x27.5"x6.3"
XXXL: 110x75x16cm/43.3"x29.5"x6.3"
NOTE: Size is measured from side to side, not just its inner part, please be careful to order the correct size, as we cannot accept returns for incorrect size ordered. Please be aware: The bed may be out of shape due to shipping process as we condense the bed to save you money on shipping (as we offer FREE shipping!). To remedy this, simply massage and reshape the sides, and it will return to the normal shape.


Weight: S:350g;M:450g;L:700g;XL:1000g;XXL:1300g;XXXL1600g

Feature: Breathable, waterproof base, soft, durable

QUALITY GUARANTEE: Satisfaction guaranteed. If you aren't completely happy that the product matches the description and performs to your satisfaction, please contact us for replacement or refund subject to our returns policy.  We are always here and happy to help!

ORDER PROCESSING: Please note that order processing can sometimes take 2-5 business days depending on volume of orders.

FREE SHIPPING:  Please note free shipping can take up to 10 business days depending on your location.

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